Smartmotion Electric Bikes are designed to make riding a bike fun! Our e-bikes are built tough. They are rugged and reliable with long-range batteries to make pedalling easy. Ideal for the Australian environment, Smartmotion electric bikes are New Zealand designed and are the number one selling electric bike brand in New Zealand.

Smartmotion Electric Bikes are recommended by CHOICE MAGAZINE  and RIDE ON MAGAZINE, plus they have received global recognition with a Best Value Award in the UK.

You can purchase a Smartmotion e-bike through our nationwide network of independent dealers who provide local sales, service and electric bike expertise.  Or if you buy at smartmotion.com.au,  you can collect your bike from your nearest local dealer for assembly and a demonstration.


Your first 200-kilometre bike warranty service is free anywhere in the country and can be scheduled with any Smartmotion dealer, as part of your online purchase.

To support our quality products we have an Independent dealer network of bicycle retailers across Australia ready and able to assist with service, warranty and repair. They are there for you if you’re travelling the famous caravan trek around Australia from Cairns across to Darwin, through to Perth down to Tasmania and all the Eastern seaboard. We work hard to ensure there are local dealers in local communities to support all Smartmotion riders with premium quality reliable and affordable products. Thank you Smartmotion independent dealers!