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SM Essence 250w 10.4AH

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Ride this bike and smile!  The Smartmotion Essence is an easy to ride commuter bike, which is well balanced with a responsive front wheel drive motor. Step through, rear rack integrated battery with lights makes this bike easy fun riding.

 Not lacking in comfort or performance, this super easy-to-use eBike is perfect for your weekend trail rides and trips to the market.

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  • BATTERY: 36v10.4ah lithium ion for NZ conditions – superior weatherproofing. USB charge port.
  • RACK: Heavy duty rear battery rack, with elastic for luggage.
  • BRAKE: Front disc and rear V brake.
  • GEARS: Suntour.
  • FRAME: Alloy stepthru frame. Centre-mounted adjustable kickstand.
  • HANDLE: Smartmotion standard headset. Comfort handgrips.
  • MUD GUARD: Polypropylene guards with heavy duty stays.
  • TYRE: CST Commuter, Kevlar guard, 26” X 1.9.
  • RIM: Colour-matched Alex GX-2100 alloy.
  • DISPLAY PANEL: LED console with 5 level assist. Active throttle in all modes.
  • LIGHT: Integrated front and rear light powered from the main battery.
  • SEAT: Smartmotion seat.
  • CABLES: Marine-rated cable plugs on all components for simple and quick servicing/replacement.
  • WARRANTY: 2 year warranty on battery and motor, 6 year on frame, 12 months other parts.

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3 reviews for SM Essence 250w 10.4AH

  1. Derek Zilich

    I’ve been riding electric bikes for almost 10 years now, so I know a good e-bike when I see one, or to be more precise – experience one. What impressed me when I first hopped on for a test ride is the sturdiness of the frame and the comfort of the seat. You can feel that the Smartmotion Essence was ‘made-to-last’ and it was no surprise to me that the Smartmotion brand of e-bikes are used by NZ Post.

    Th ‘Essence model has 3 Shimano Nexus speed internal hub gears and Revo shifter. This was important to me as, personally, I prefer revo shift as opposed to an 8-speed cassette 11-34 gear set (push for up and flick for down) and prefer only 3 gears for the riding that I want to do. What I found, through mounting and dismounting (and it’s one thing to watch out for) when you are walking with the Smartmotion Essence it seems to have a mind of its own and the throttle engages and the front wheel spins without prompting and walks YOU forward. Maybe it’s a personality trait with my e-bike, but I now make sure I hit the on/off switch on the LED console of the handle bars to remind it who’s in control.

    In comparison to previous e-bikes I have owned, the ‘Essence model is ‘logical’ as the front and back lights are all connected to the battery and cabling mechanisms – all inclusive and one button turns the lot off when you dismount; then an easy-to-use integrated, frame C-lock for easy lockup (locks the rear wheel) – in my house we call this a ‘Dutch lock’.

    The lithium battery (with a 2-year warranty) is well designed and is 36v10.4ah with superior weatherproofing and has a USB charge port. I don’t know whether you can charge the battery this way or it’s there to top up your iPhone or laptop, but it’s pretty cool – a ‘nice to have’. But in my book, a ‘must have’ with any modern e-bike is a reliable braking system, and this e-bike has a front disc and rear V brake.

    All-in-all, the Smartmotion Essence is a reliable, sturdy, made-to-last e-bike with useful design and comfort (seat and handle grips) for the asking price. Remember, always test ride an e-bike before you consider it. Better still, try to take one home for the weekend and get to know it well. 4 stars out 5.

  2. Lynette Hawira

    My Smartmotion Essence e-bike was a gift from my daughter and I love it. It is very comfortable to ride and is getting me outdoors more. I ride my e-bike to work and I think I will have to get one for my husband so we can ride our bike together.

  3. judith

    My Husband and I have 1 of these we like ours. As we have a basket in the front our Moodle Chloe just loves her morning ride.
    They are great for us with our motorhome and travel

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