Smartmotion XCity 27.5 250W 36V

Smartmotion XCity 27.5 250W 36V


Your wishes have been answered. Finally, a serious, all terrain step through! The X-City is built to go where ever you want to. A totally capable adventure machine. Ride the trails with sure footed confidence and comfort. Up-right seating position for enjoying the view, wide ratio gears for tackling any incline. It’s time to exit the city!


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Why get yours?

  • Built-in Light: With an integrated front and rear light powered from the main battery, the Smartmotion X-City hybrid bike makes your night rides safer. It automatically gives you better visibility and increased safety with a built-in light.
  • Robust Construction: The X-City 27.5 has been engineered for comfort, innovation, and durability. X-City 27.5 is made to perform, from its sturdy alloy frame to its center-mounted adjustable kickstand.
  • Standard Display Panel: The standard display panel features a 5 level pedal assist and console with center LCD console and “on-the-fly” speed adjustment.
  • Easy to handle: Easy to handle and powerful, the X-City 27.5 includes foot-pedal controlled hydraulic disc brakes for extra safe stopping. The hydraulic disc brakes will ensure rapid and precise braking action.

An excellent value, it features suspension front and rear, mudguard and disc mounts, swept-back bars, a 9-speed cassette, an adjustable stem, platform pedals, and hydraulic disc brakes.

So what are you waiting for? Collect yours today! 

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Sand, Camo, Sienna, Teal


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